Key Visual Yamaha Intelligent Factory Maximize Line Productivity & Factory Efficiency Printer Dispenser 3D SPI Mounter Hybrid
3D AOI 3DX AOI Yamaha Factory
True Total Line Solution True Total Line Solution YRM20 New YRM20 Premium High
Efficiency Modular
YST15 YST15 SMD Storage System YSP10 YSP10 Premium Printer YCP10 YCP10 High-Performance
Compact Printer
YSD YSD High-speed dispenser YSi-SP YSi-SP 3D Solder Paste
Inspection Machine
Sigma-F8S Sigma-F8S Premium
modular mounter
ALF ALF Auto Loading Feeder YSi-V YSi-V High-end hybrid
inspection system

Discover the world of Yamaha SMT PCB assembly production

Yamaha SMT Section, delivering innovation in surface-mount technology, presents the Yamaha Total Line Solution. This flexible selection of modular machines ensures fast, efficient printed circuit board (PCB) assembly production. Packed with advanced features to maximise performance, and designed for close integration to maximise productivity, our portfolio covers everything you need: stencil printer, dispenser, a selection of pick and place machines from the entry level YSM10 to the 140,000 cph (IPC 9850) YSM40R, and solutions for high-speed inline inspection. The YSi-SP 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) system helps keep your print process in control, while our YSi-V hybrid 2D/3D/4-direction automated optical inspection (AOI) systems verify correct component placement and capture images of populated boards for traceability and continuous improvement. Your AOI strategy can further boost productivity by isolating visibly defective boards to offload end-of-line test equipment.

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With innovative multi-function and rotary head options available, a Yamaha pick & place machine can handle anything from the smallest surface-mount device (SMD) sizes to state-of-the-art IC packages, as well as extremely large or tall components such as automotive connectors. We can work with you to develop a custom feeder if needed, or leverage off-the-shelf options including our innovative Auto-Loading Feeder that minimises human intervention.

The YST15 intelligent storage system automatically retrieves parts from inventory as they are needed by Yamaha pick & place systems on the assembly floor. The YST15 is ready to interact with autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) in the factory to transport prepared component feeders to the right machine at the right time. If you are looking to boost semiconductor manufacturing productivity, check out or YSB55w and YSH20 flip-chip bonders for fast mounting capability, large component size range, and excellent 3-sigma accuracy.

A unique benefit of the Yamaha Total Line Solution is the extremely rich data-communication between equipment in the line, intelligent storage, and Factory Tools 4.0 applications for programming, setup and monitoring. By automatically analysing inspection results, the machines can work together to diagnose problems and alert the operator immediately through applications such as the QA Option GUI and Mobile Judgement smartphone app.

And as Industry 4.0 leverages cloud intelligence for increased productivity and performance, the Yamaha Total Line Solution feeds powerful analytics applications to support enterprise planning, service innovation, and continuous improvement.