The YSM40R is Yamaha’s high-density modular mounter machine. The YSM40R is the solution for the ever-shortening product cycle requirements for further improvements in productivity and mounting quality in mass production. Yamaha Motor has developed the ultra-high-speed assembly module YSM40R to achieve more productivity with the adoption of the ultra-high-speed RS placement head and also the compatibility with mounting 0201 mm miniature chips, all within the compact size of the high-density module YSM40R.

Features of YSM40R

  • Combines both high speed & flexibility into one compact placement system
  • 200,000 CPH optimum conditions (140.000 CPH IPC9850) super high-speed productivity!
  • Available in 3-head variations
  • Machine width of 1 meter
  • Nonstop operation during setups/changeovers and nonstop production when using along with ZS feeder


ModelleZ:TA-R YSM40R
Version4-Beam, 4-Head Spec. (YSM40R-4)2-Beam, 2-Head Spec. (YSM40R-2)
Applicable PCBL 700 x W 460 mm to L 50 x W 50 mm
  • Mounting capability
  • (under optimum conditions
    as defined by Yamaha Motor)
200,000 CPH (When using RS head)58,000 CPH (When using MU head)
Applicable componentsUltra-High-Speed (RS) Head0201* to 6.5 mm
(Height 2.0 mm or less) *option
Multi (MU) Head03015 to 45 x 60 mm
(Height 15 mm or less)
0402 to 45 x 100 mm
(Height 15 mm or less)
Flexible (FL) Head03015 – 45 x 60 mm
(Height 15 mm or less)
0603 to 45 x 100 mm
(Height 25.5 mm or less)
  • Mounting accuracy
  • *In the Company’s optimum conditions
    (standard material used for evaluation)
± 35 μm (25 μm)± 40 μm (30 μm)
  • Number of component types
  • * 8mm width tape conversion
Max. 80 feeders with RS heads
Max. 88 feeders with MU heads
Max. 84 feeders with RS x 2 + MU x 2 heads
92 feeders with MU or FL heads
Side ViewCompatible
Power supply3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V +/-10 %
Air supply source0.45 MPa or more, in clean, dry state
External dimensionL 1,000 x W 2,100 x H 1,550 mm (excluding projections)
GewichtApprox. 2,100 kg

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